Important note: this video gets sent to me Jonathon Podolsky and I'll show the videos to Marvin Martin during my trip there late December 2016. I'm trying to get accepted into a documentary video workshop and may use it in my application which is due Dec. 31 (if I'm accepted, I'll work on a documentary about Mr. Martin). You can record the video (including sound) right here from this page!

  1. Click the record button.
  2. Record a video.
  3. What do you most remember about your experience in Mr. Martin's classroom? Did you travel with Mr. Martin? Were you in one of his theater productions (if so do you remember the name of the play and what character you played)? What effect did he have on you?
  4. Submit, replay or delete the video.
  5. Email me with the correct spelling of your name.

OR if you prefer to record using some other system, you can send video to me directly at

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